Paloma: author notes


gaily told•tales is a pseudonymous storyteller, a long-time teacher, a longer-time student, an aspiring changemaker, an artist, and a mother, (both by adoption and biology, as is the mother in this book). In most of life, her name is Gail Lauren Karp.

Mellabella Storytella loves to write and to read and to play and to draw, was born in Colombia, and she is also a kid. (She is called something else in real life but picked out this name and this bio for herself.)

They live together in a family in Harlem, NYC, with a dad, a brother, sometimes friends, and sometimes a dog named Otto.

Paloma is a fictional character who, (although inspired by our real family), is 100% made up.   Her adventures, unfolding over the last several years, have helped us to think about our own lives a little more clearly.    We created Paloma intuitively and then found ourselves working to discover where she would end up on her adventures and how she would resolve them once  she was there.  Throughout and along this path, we cut and drew our hearts out (and then pasted them back on the page again).    Using our family photographs, in combination with sheets of art paper and found fragments, we created a world to give life to our beloved characters.  All drawings that appear within were made by Mellabella (*except for some stars and birds, which were made by her little brother, who really, really likes stars and birds).